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Teknikens Värld magazine sent one of its most experienced journalists to Portugal, on a trip of almost 3000 kms. The reason? Testing the new Portuguese sports car Adamastor P003RL and write an article about it. The result is in this month edition, of this renowned magazine, available in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Sweden is a country with tradition in the automotive industry. For that reason, going through the critical eyes of a Teknikens Värld journalist was a challenge. The big test was on June 27th, on the Vasco Sameiro circuit (Braga), with the journalist Hans Hedberg. In the next few lines you will find the essentials of his experience, where the P003RL is mentioned as “an outsider who tries to challenge the elite.”
One of the most valued aspects was the driving experience, considered extremely pure, intense and fun. In the words of Hans, “it resembles the [...]
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