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Adamastor is the Portuguese sports car brand, which manufactures unique models tailored to each client. It’s a brand for the bold and old school motoring enthusiasts, who love to release their inner pilot on the tracks, and enjoy the pure adrenaline felt when driving an Adamastor. Adamastor wants to give its clients more than just cars, aiming to bring car and driver closer in a way that has not been seen for a long time. It will allow you to tell stories about a car with history – yours.


The passion for the automotive world, for track days and competition brought Portuguese entrepreneurs and researchers together, aiming to develop and promote Portugal’s economy, talent and image, starting the project that led to the sports car brand creation in 2012.


The Adamastor brand proves that it is possible to design dream cars based on research, know-how and entrepreneurial spirit. The whole project is carried out with own capital, by businessmen and entrepreneurs with extensive experience at investing and managing large projects.


The project´s team is multidisciplinary and made up of Portuguese Master artisans. The majority of components and engineering solutions are equally Portuguese, with a nacional incorporation above 80%.


For the brand, Adamastor means overcoming obstacles. The name was inspired by a symbolic episode from the epic poem “Os Lusíadas” where Adamastor – the mythological character – represents the starting point for one of the greatest achievements of the Portuguese Navigators. To Luis Vaz de Camões, author of “Os Lusíadas”, the Adamastor represents the challenges that the Portuguese Navigators had to face until reaching the Cape of Good Hope. Vanquishing the monster represented the mastery of the seas that would allow the discovery of the sea route to India.

Just like discovering new worlds, building a sports car requires outstanding determination and resilience. Overcoming the daily challenges outweighs the effort that Adamastor team puts into every single piece and every lap in the track. In this project, Adamastor does not represent a monster. Instead, it represents the courage and determination for facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. This episode highlights human’s ability to excel, to dominate the elements and their leadership skills – characteristics of those who drive Adamastor sports cars.

A distinct sports car brand

The concept of “Car Tailoring”

Co-creation is the process in which a client and a brand collaborate to develop a product. Adamastor is a brand that allows its clients to materialize the car of their dreams. The team provides several 3D model versions and professional sketches, until reaching the clients specifications, always with the coordination of both engineering and design teams.

Adamastor sports cars are customizable far beyond the automotive industry standards. The brand does not offer a customization package – offers you the concept of “Car Tailoring”.
  Choose the materials, the colours, interior details and other elements.
  The team will adjust the seating for you, adapt the suspension system as you want, and you can even change the powertrain for an option that suits you better.
  You can even go further and propose structural changes to your vehicle.

A new dimension of proximity

Adamastor raises the bar in terms of proximity between the owner and their future sports car. The clients can visit the factory to follow its production. They will also receive regular and customized technical feedback about their vehicle. By keeping track of the production of the car since day one, they’ll be able to tell its story and share the key moments of its production through videos or pictures.

Quality and dedication

The secret to build a sublime car is held by Adamastor skilled craftsmen. All the elements are unique and made with precision, special care, dedication and mastery. Every member of the team involved in the creation and construction of each Adamastor has a special commitment to its quality, thus their signature will be engraved on its chassis.

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