The Concept of Proximity, by Adamastor

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If you ever bought a custom-made product you know that there is a good chance of waiting without any feedback untill the product is finished.
Here, at Adamastor, we do it differently!



The production phase


Future owners of an Adamastor model will have the possibility to visit our production site and follow every step of the creation/production of their cars. In case clients aren’t able to visit the site in person to check the progress of their cars, we’ll send them videos and photos of the most important milestones, such as the engine instalation or the final detailing of the interior.


The delivery phase and the follow-up


Following our proximity policy, we’ll keep in touch with our clients to provide technical support and ensure that they truly enjoy their cars. In addition to technical support, we’ll send regular updates about the brand, and available specific upgrades to improve their cars performance and comfort.

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