Cocreation in the Automotive Industry: Have you heard about it?

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Cocriação experimentação


Adamastor is the Portuguese sports car brand, in which the Co-creation concept plays a crucial role. Co-creation is the process in which a client and a brand collaborate to develop a product. Get to know how this specific process works.


Adamastor Experience


You only trully know an Adamastor when you actually drive it. The Adamastor Experience is a unique opportunity to drive one of our models on a racetrack with an approved racing instructor by Adamastor, who will help to improve the driving experience.


During the Adamastor Experience, our engineers will assess the type of performance (acceleration, top speed, etc.) and behavior (understeer, oversteer, neutral) that the customer seeks. Based on these indications, we will introduce the best configuration for the model.


At the same time, the client will describe the features he/she would like to have in the Adamastor (relative to the exterior and interior lines/design). Our sketcher will portray the ideas on paper, in a very interactive process, since the client can give input and feedback until the final shape is decided.


It’s important to ensure that the customer sits properly in the car, so Adamastor will make adjustments to the seat and seating position, steering wheel, pedal position, gearshift lever position and height, among others.
During manufacturing, more accurate tuning of the driving position will be implemented.

At this point, it’s possible to have a relatively faithful idea of the model that the client imagined. If he/she chooses the base model or a simple customization, no development project is required. In case of complex or structural customization, this project is mandatory.

Development Project


Based on the inputs from the Adamastor Experience, the Adamastor development engineer, the Adamastor designer, and the client will focus on the detailing and refinement of the project.

The Development Project begins with the detail sketches phase and evolves into technical clay mockups and/or 3D renders. Once we get the final version, the model will go through a set of CFD simulations (Computer Fluids Dynamics) in order to optimize the shape and aerodynamic performance. Then the production phase begins and the customer dream will now become a reality!

Cocriação sketch


In the next article get to know the concept of “proximity” – how Adamastor creates a bond between the owner and his automobile.




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