Adamastor P003RL: The compliment from the North

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Teknikens Värld magazine sent one of its most experienced journalists to Portugal, on a trip of almost 3000 kms. The reason? Testing the new Portuguese sports car Adamastor P003RL and write an article about it. The result is in this month edition, of this renowned magazine, available in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Sweden is a country with tradition in the automotive industry. For that reason, going through the critical eyes of a 
Teknikens Värld journalist was a challenge. The big test was on June 27th, on the Vasco Sameiro circuit (Braga), with the journalist Hans Hedberg. In the next few lines you will find the essentials of his experience, where the P003RL is mentioned as “an outsider who tries to challenge the elite.”

One of the most valued aspects was the driving experience, considered extremely pure, intense and fun. In the words of Hans, “it resembles the times when drivers were closer to the elements”. Driving was considered safe and precise but still defying, to the point where Hans stated: “I started to understand the untamed natural forces that the name Adamastor evoques.”


Adrenaline was there from start to finish, as Hans statement proves: “the devil of speed, standing on my right shoulder keeps telling me: faster, faster!”. Lightness and agility were also mentioned as essential contributes to a pleaseant experience: “it’s hard to have more fun in four wheels!”. In addition to this, he added that the Adamastor P003RL “is a car that has the right features in terms of chassis and powertrain.”


The Teknikens Värld journalist was also very interested in the brand’s philosophy, proving himself to be positively impressed by the premises of a customer centric brand that creates unique cars, with high levels of customization. He mentioned it clearly in the article, claiming that it is something new in the automotive world. Also new in his words is the fact that “is the brand that decides if the potential client is fitted to buy the car”.

Teknikens Värld is a Swedish magazine with almost 70 years of existence, with an editorial line guided by rigor and quality. At the beginning, the articles comprehended a diverse range of topics: cars, motorcycles, ships, planes and they even published articles about rockets.
Over the years, the focus of their articles turned into cars, being nowadays a reference in the automotive world magazines. To those who are not familiar with it, we can tell you that this magazine is known for its involvement in the Moose Test creation, now a reference for any brand that wants to build safer models.


For Hans Hedberg, brands like Porsche, Lotus, KTM, Spiker, Ariel, Alfa Romeo (4C) or Morgan are referred to be at the same level as the P003RL, concerning performance, design or driving experience. Another compliment found in the article, was the recognition of the Adamastor P003RL as a car in which the owner can enjoy the track without “blowing” his budget.“Customers will not be financially ruined if they have a track day incident… easily, bodywork and chassis parts can be quickly replaced and at a reasonably low cost.”

A quality journalistic review should not fail to appreciate the less positive aspects. One of the points mentioned in the article was the difficulty felt by the journalist adapting to the driving position, which is perfectly understandable, since he drove the test prototype, especially developed for our pilot. However, this point reinforces the degree of customization provided by the brand. Whoever buys an Adamastor car will always have the ergonomy and driving parameters adjusted to its requirements.

The P003RL design was also mentioned, revealing ambiguity in the review. We cannot please everyone, but we can surely promise that the next time Teknikens Värld comes to Portugal, they will have the chance to see a production model and get to know the different aspects of the design in that version. We believe they will like it!

Lastly, it’s also mentioned that “the P003RL prototype level of detail is miles away from what the production model will present”, but Hans himself responds to his own statement saying that “it’s a test prototype, that is in constant development.”


Summing up, it’s overwhelming to see that this project is recognized abroad, where the automotive industry is years ahead of Portugal. Throughout the visit, Hans Hedberg revealed more knowledge about the Portuguese automotive industry than the average person, mentioning brands as Edfor, Portaro or UMM. Following those references, came the best compliment he could do to Adamastor:
“Amongst all projects that struggled to “see the light of day”, Adamastor P003RL has conditions to “survive.” The brand reveals the will to follow the right path.”

Thank you, Teknikens Värld


Check the original article on the Teknikens Värld website.


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